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Peace Purpose Paid

Melody Live- Coaching (3 Sessions)

Melody Live- Coaching (3 Sessions)

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This discount is for those of you who were on the Live today! Thank you for tuning in.
(the code was shared on the live)
If you were on there you have heard my story 
As a survivor of depression and a survivor I can Coach you through your process. 
We as people are counselors, teachers, chauffeurs, chefs and so much more for the people around us. We have to be strong, inspirational, and positive. Often times pouring so much from our cup that we can forget to replenish it.
Remember you are in need of an outlet too!
Keep your mental, body and spirit aligned, while working on your peace, connecting with your purpose and configuring avenues for getting paid.

I look forward to helping you on your journey

Somethings to Think about

What is your vision?

What is blurring that vision?

How will you clear that obstacle?

What are your triggers (name 3)? What causes you to lose focus?

With these triggers what are some things that you can incorporate or do to remove these.

This will include 3 sessions
Peace: This session we will determine what your peace is and how to establish it
Purpose: This session will focus on establishing your purpose or further elaborating it
Paid: This session will cover the streams of income you currently or would like to have. 
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